Open Source Template

This template is an open source template. It's distributing under Creative Commons 2.5 licence. That means that you can use it in any way you like. All I ask for is that you leave the "Design by Mike Yarmish" link in the footer of the site. If you would like to remove that line, or if you are interested in professional services that are related to webdesign or this layout (such as custom design, branding, scripting or programming), please contact me through my website for more information!

Design Features

The template is liquid and looks right at all resolutions. It also works fine with most modern browsers. Here are some render examples:

Some blockquote text which is showed as an example how it looks like.

Example of an un-ordered list:

  • That is
  • how it
  • looks like

As you can see, the links are white and bold.

Some dummy text

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